Important Things You Need to Know About Seal Coating Your Driveway or Parking Lot

Each year between September to October, a lot of people are sealcoating their parking lots and driveways, but why? What is the reason why you have to seal coat your asphalt pavement and driveways? Seal coating is referred to the process of emulsion application over the existing asphalt surface, which will seal as well as fill small cracks and voids. This certain process can be done in order to prevent any additional damages to your pavement by chemicals and weather in contact with your parking lot or driveway.  

 Seal Coating

When and How Soon Should a Seal Coating Process Be Done?  

Seal coating your parking lot can be normally applied a year after your initial asphalt pavement has been placed in order to allow proper cure as well as wear of the surface of your pavement. But, it’s highly recommended that you seal coat your pavements and driveways at least every 2 to 3 years, going down to 1 year occasionally, depending on the condition of your pavement as well as the traffic. Once it has been applied, you’ll need to protect your parking area at least 48 hours as it is the recommendation in order to allow for the applied chemical to set in properly and cure. Depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer, the best time of the year to have your parking area seal coated is the one on which the temperature will drop to at least 55 degrees so that the surface can be able to cure properly. However, you should also watch out for the debris and leaves may degrade the coating once it has been already applied as well as before it has set completely.   

How Much Does It Really Cost to Seal Coat a Parking Area?  

Reliable sources indicate that the usual average cost for materials in order to seal a driveway or parking space is around forty cents per square foot.   

It may be higher basically depending on the location that has to be covered, therefore you may want to factor in added forty to sixty cents for the labor fee. Typically, a driveway seal coating job can be done for approximately one dollar per square feet. However, it still all depends on the conditions and size of the driveway. In addition to that, you should bear in minds that the walls, as well as any other obstacles that hinder you from applying the sealing with a squeegee, will eventually incur costs to your project.  

How Many Kinds of Seal Coatings Are Available?  

As a matter of fact, there are two major products that are available in the market today: asphalt emulsion coatings and coal tar sealers. While these are accessible by anyone, it is still best that you consult from a professional and reputable parking lot or drive way seal coating service provider in your area since they are the ones who know exactly what type of seal coating your parking lot or driveway needs and for you to have a quality and dependable parking lot sealcoating in Long Island.   



Guard Yourself from Air Conditioning Scams

Air conditioning and heating systems play an important role in every individual’s home. And the failures of HVAC can pave its way to expensive and serious problems.

Air Conditioning Scams

Homeowners typically rely on the expertise and honesty on their service provider since most of the aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the HVAC systems on their homes. However, an HVAC blowout, particularly on summer or winter, could make people choose an instant decision and be more susceptible to scams or sales tactics. Here are some tops to prevent you from any scams whenever you avail A/C repair in Spring Hill, Florida.   

Do Your Assignment 

Experts and contractors of HVAC in the field suggest homeowners to do their assignment on contractors, battle pressure for them to instantly do major work, and think of having a second opinion on big-item tickets. Rob McClintock asserts that homeowners always call him for second opinions. Also, he eventually finds out that their systems needs cheaper repairs compared to the originally suggested ones. 

McClintock believes that seeking out a second opinion on anything serious is the best way to avoid it. It could be an oversight or a scam that is telling you to sell an expensive repair. A lot of trustworthy contractors would give second thoughts to police the industry, and most importantly, to help the homeowners. 

Also, he is giving advises to the homeowners that they should be skeptic to low prices with an attached time limit. You should stay away from contractors who will force a homeowner to grant purchase that they have not fully known or researched.  

Know your Contractor 

A vice president and an owner of the marketing and sales for Kasidonis Heating and Cooling in Ohio, June Kasidonis, stated that nothing could top founding a good relationship with a trustworthy HVAC contractor.   

She even said that contractors that are trustworthy provide their clients as many information as possible for the homeowners to be ensured what they will be doing on their service. Never stop asking what would it cost to repair vs replace, and distinguish if you already have enough info for you to make a solid decision. 

Moreover, the president of Air Comfort Service in Missouri, Corey Malone suggested that the homeowners should demand to get a more detailed written quote from the contractor. According to him, it is the hugest thing and that is where several problems occur. Do not ever permit a company to dismantle an equipment without explaining to you as to why they should do it. Also, let them discuss to you in detail what you are paying for and why. There shouldn’t be surprises involved between the two parties. 

The service plans of HVAC can suggest a great value, given that you signed one with a contractor that you trust, Malone added. It is a good path to look for minimal things to keep down the repairs. You may have a twenty-buck component that is testing bad. And the moment it turns out, you will lose a compressor.